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The future of work

What does the future hold for work culture?

lundi 18 sept., Il y a 3 mois
 5 min

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The video discusses the transformation in the world of work, emphasizing the shift towards hybrid working, a combination of office and remote work. This change has been driven by the pandemic and shifting priorities.

Many employees now view hybrid working as essential when job hunting. Decision makers are considering redesigning workspaces to foster collaboration and save on costs.

However, challenges such as a lack of suitable technology and feelings of disconnect remain. Smart technology is seen as a solution in a future where hybrid working is vital.


• Hybrid: A combination of two different things.

• Remote: Distant, not in the same physical location.

• Overheads: The regular costs of running a business.

• Seismic: Relating to an earthquake or a significant change.

• Disconnect: A lack of connection or feeling isolated.

• Collaboration: Working together with others.

Source: The Guardian Labs

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