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What is business etiquette?

What is business etiquette?

lundi 5 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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Business etiquette is an important aspect of a productive work environment. While workplace cultures may vary, there are basic principles of business etiquette that can be applied in any workplace setting.

It involves treating co-workers and customers with respect, such as offering a firm handshake, being punctual, and using polite language. These gestures make others feel valued and appreciated. Active listening and maintaining good eye contact during conversations show engagement and respect for others' time and thoughts.

Writing and speaking in a friendly and professional tone can prevent misunderstandings. It is also recommended to use smartphones sparingly in a business setting and focus on the people around you. By following the basics of business etiquette, individuals can make a positive impression in their careers.


• Workplace: the location where a person works, such as an office or factory.

• Manners: polite behaviors and customs.

• Punctual: being on time.

• Appreciated: feeling valued and recognized.

• Misunderstanding: a failure to understand something correctly.

Source: GCF Learn Free

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