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Perfectionism At Work

Perfectionism at work can make you a better employee, but it can also make you less productive.

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To overcome this, it is suggested to set deadlines for projects and stick to them instead of striving for perfection. Perfectionists often believe that others cannot perform as well as they can, which can lead to a lack of trust from coworkers and an increased workload for themselves.

To address this, it is advised to delegate tasks to others when appropriate and acknowledge that there are multiple valid ways to solve problems. Although changing perfectionist habits can be challenging, avoiding perfectionism can enhance productivity and foster better relationships with colleagues.


• Backfire: Have an unexpected negative effect.

• Neglect: Fail to give proper attention or care to something.

• Remedy: A solution or way to fix a problem.

• Delegating: Giving someone else the responsibility to do a task.

• Rapport: A good relationship or connection with someone.

Source: GCFreelearn

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