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Scientists Make Skin Look 30 Years Younger

Scientists have found a method to time-jump skin cells!

vendredi 29 avril, Il y a 21 mois
 5 min

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People spend billions of dollars trying to look younger. Companies make thousands of creams and pills for our skin to look younger. Scientists have tried for decades to slow down the ageing process. Now, scientists made a breakthrough. They have found a method to "time jump" cells in our skin.

The scientists are from a research institute in the UK. They say they can turn back the ageing clock in cells by 30 years. This could make our skin look younger. The scientists say their work is still at an early stage, but it could help people look younger in the future. The scientists new technique could change medicine and health.

Researcher Dr Diljeet Gill said:"We've only tested this technique in skin cells. We're excited to see if we can [use it] across other cell types."

It could be used to help other parts of the body. It could also be used to treat skin problems, such as burns and acne. The new technique could also help to heal cuts more quickly. Another researcher said:"If you cut yourself, it'll take quicker to heal the wound." The scientists said their work might help us look younger. It could actually reverse the ageing process.

Adapted from: Sciencealert.com

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