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Phrasal verbs for catering

Phrasal verbs are often used in restaurants to describe different actions and interactions. Learning these phrasal verbs will help you communicate better and handle restaurant situations more easily.

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Order in or Take out:

Order in: When you want food from a restaurant to be delivered to your location, you can order in. The restaurant will bring the food to your doorstep.

Take out: If you prefer to eat outside of the restaurant, you can order a take out. You order the food at the restaurant and then take it away to eat it at home or in another place.

Check out: At the end of your meal, you can ask the server to check out. They will bring you the bill, which shows the total amount you need to pay for the food you ordered.

Call over: If you need assistance from a server or waiter, you can call them over by making a gesture or raising your hand to get their attention.

Bring over: When you order food or beverages at a restaurant, the server will bring over your order and deliver it to your table.

Set up: Before customers arrive, the restaurant staff will set up the tables. This includes arranging the cutlery and plates, making sure everything is ready for the guests.

Clear away: After you finish your meal, the staff will clear away the used plates, glasses, and utensils from your table.

Check off: As you order items from the menu, you can check them off to indicate your choices.

Try out: When you dine at a restaurant, you can try out new dishes that you haven't tasted before. It's a great way to explore different flavors.

Fill up: If you need more of a drink, like water or soda, you can ask the server to fill up your glass with more liquid.

Turn down: If the server offers you additional food or dessert, but you don't want it, you can turn it down politely, meaning refuse it politely.

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