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Ordering at a Restaurant

In this video, you will learn how to order food at a restaurant.

jeudi 25 nov., Il y a 27 mois
 5 min

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Choix simple
Ordering (Waiter / Waitress)
• Can I take your order
• Are you ready to order?
• What would you like to start with?
• Can I start you off with anything to drink?
• What would you like to drink with your meal?

Ordering (Customer)
• Could you bring us the menu, please?
• We’d like a little longer, please.
• I would like to order my food now.
• I’ll have the soup as a starter.
• I’ll have the steak for the main course.
• I would like a Coke.
• Just some water, please.

Asking about the menu
• What do you recommend?
• Does this have any seafood in it?
• What is in this chicken dish?

Getting the bill/ check
• Can I have my bill?
• Could I have the check, please?
• Can we have the bill, please?
• I am ready to pay the bill.
• Do you accept credit cards?

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