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Native Americans Return To Manhattan

What makes this powwow so special?

lundi 9 janv., Il y a 12 mois
 5 min

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Although they were the original inhabitants of Manhattan, the Lenape tribe was forced to leave 300 years ago.

New York takes center stage as tribes from all over the country gather to celebrate their culture, friendship and love in this powwow.


• Tribe:
A socially, ethnically, and politically cohesive group of people.

• Remarkable:
Worthy of notice; uncommon; extraordianary.

• Assume:
To suppose without proof.

• Lifelong:
Extending for the duration of life.

• Goofy:

• Resonate:
To have an impact; to garner support.

• Bobbing:
The motion of moving up and down.

• Tapping:
The action of striking against something with a quick light blow or blows.

Source: Localish

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