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How Hide The Pain Harold Became A Meme

Listen to the story of the Hide the pain Harold Meme

vendredi 5 mai, Il y a 8 mois
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Hide the pain Harold is a popular meme featuring a middle-aged man with a forced smile. It is used to express hidden pain or discomfort in a humorous way. The man, whose real name is András Arató, became famous after stock photos of him were used in various online advertisements.


• Meme: A humorous image or video that spreads rapidly on the internet, often with text added.

• Stock photos: Photographs that are taken and kept on file to be sold or licensed for use in advertisements or other media.

• Sour face: A facial expression that appears unhappy or displeased.

• Reverse image search: A search technique used to find images similar to one that is uploaded.

• Rude: Behaving in an impolite or offensive way.

• Disgusting: Extremely unpleasant or offensive.

• Embrace: To accept something willingly or enthusiastically.

• Potential investors: People or companies who may be interested in investing money in a project or business.

• Fans: People who admire and support a particular person or group.

• Everyday annoyances: Small, frustrating problems that are a normal part of daily life.

Source: Buzzfeed

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