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How curling stones are made in Scotland

How curling stones are made in Scotland

mercredi 9 f�vr., Il y a 24 mois
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In its lifetime, a curling stone will take thousands ofhits, but it will never shatter. The secret; most are made of a rare granite that comes from here, Aisla Craig, a wee isle off the coast of Scotland that looks a little like a curling stone.
It’s the only place in the world that you’ll get that type of granite and only one group of craftsmen is entrusted with taking the precious stone from the island to the ice. For two centuries, this is where curling rocks have been born.
Every stone leaving Craig in Scotland is consistent in size, running edge and consistent in quality, whether you’re curling for the first time or into professional mode, you’re working with exactly the same stones.
Every time rocks leave the place, wherever the stones are going, you’ll never see them again, but they’re going to last twenty, thirty years if the stones are looked after properly. So I must admit, yes, they’re a great satisfaction.

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