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Everything You Know About Thanksgiving is WRONG

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but the whole story we're taught in school about Pilgrims and Native Americans is basically, just WRONG.

vendredi 25 nov., Il y a 13 mois
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Everything from the Native Americans and Pilgrims being best friends, to the outfits the Pilgrims actually wore, down to even eating the Turkey is based on loose half-truths and propaganda. So join Franchesca as she serves up some Thruthsgiving!


• Thankful
"I was thankful for the gifts on my birthday."

• Crafts
"The Ancient Aztecs had surprisingly advanced crafts."

• Awe
"The French rugby team were in awe of the English."

• Rips
"In anger she rips the winning lottery ticket."

• Besties
"She loved gossiping with her besties."

• Routinely
"He routinely spoke over her in meetings."

• Fowl
"A chicken is a type of fowl."

• Eel
"Osaka is famous for it's grilled eel."

• Settlers
"The original settlers almost abandoned Jamestown."

• Textbooks
"Can you really trust what the textbooks tell you?"

• Cranberry
"Surprisingly, cranberry and vodka was his favourite drink."

• Narrative
"The newspapers tried to control the narrative."

• Presumably
"Presumably, you are Mr Bond."

Source: MTV

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