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Djokovic was asked if he is the G.O.A.T

Djokovic responds to the question, ''Are you the greatest of all time?''

lundi 19 juin, Il y a 6 mois
 5 min

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Novak Djokovic expresses his gratitude for the congratulations and acknowledges that winning this title is one of the biggest successes of his career. He mentions that he was aware of the historical significance of the match but focused his attention on preparing for it in the best possible way.

Djokovic credits his team for creating a supportive environment that helped him stay in the present moment and perform well. He reflects on the pressure and emotions he experienced during the match and expresses relief and overwhelming happiness when he saw his opponent's forehand go wide. When asked about being considered the greatest male player in history, Djokovic humbly declines the title, stating that it would be disrespectful to other great champions of different eras. He emphasizes the importance of each champion leaving a legacy and paving the way for future players. Djokovic is proud of his achievements but leaves the discussion of greatness to others.

He looks forward to Wimbledon and acknowledges the challenges of maintaining physical fitness as he gets older. Winning the trophy is a testament to his tennis quality, and he feels motivated to continue playing.


• Congrats: Short for "congratulations," it means expressing congratulations or well wishes.

• Rank: To position or place in a particular rank or order.

• Trophy: A prize or reward given for a specific achievement or victory.

• Peak: To reach the highest point or level of something.

• Legacy: Something handed down or left behind by a predecessor or from the past.

• Battle: A fight or conflict between opposing forces.

• Victorious: Having achieved victory or success.

• Clay: A type of surface used in tennis, often associated with the French Open.

• Expectations: Beliefs or hopes about what will happen in the future.

Source: DJoker Nole

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