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Do goalkeepers have superhuman reflexes?

Do football goalkeepers have superhuman reflexes just like superheroes do? Well, let's find out with this video!

jeudi 12 oct., Il y a 2 mois
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The video discusses the incredible reflexes of football goalkeepers. Contrary to the popular association with superheroes like Spiderman or the Flash, goalkeepers exhibit their own exceptional reflexes. Research from Dublin, Ireland, compared professional goalkeepers, professional outfield players, and regular individuals in their ability to process audio and visual cues. The findings revealed that goalkeepers possess quicker sensory processing and can separate audio and visual cues more effectively. This skill set enables them to react rapidly and accurately when making a save. However, it remains uncertain whether these skills are innate or can be acquired through training.


• A goalkeeper: a player whose role is to stop the ball from entering the goal.
• To exhibit: to show, to display, to demonstrate.
• An outfield player: any of the players on a team other than the goalkeeper.
• A cue : a signal for someone to do something.
• A save: the the action of preventing the ball from entering the goal.
• Through: in this case, thanks to.

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