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Can You Name a Country? | Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Asked A Stupidly Simple Geography Question, And These People Still Managed To Fail.

jeudi 16 juin, Il y a 19 mois
 5 min

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Americans have a reputation abroad for being somewhat insular, and that is putting it kindly. Perhaps it’s a lack of curiosity, education or just being told over and over that the USA is ‘exceptional,’ but for some reason there is just a startling lack of knowledge about the world as a whole, and nothing better illustrates that than Jimmy Kimmel asking people to name a country on the world map.

List of Countries, Nationalities and their Languages
• I am from Italy, I am Italian, I speak Italian
• I am from Australia, I am Australian, I speak English
• I am from Austria, I am Austrian, I speak German
• I am from Brazil, I am Brazilian, I speak Portuguese
• I am from Canada, I am Canadian, I speak English, French
• I am from Korea, I am Korean, I speak Korean
• I am from Germany, I am German, I speak German
• I am from Spain, I am Spanish, I speak Spanish
• I am from England, I am British, I speak English
• I am from France, I am French, I speak French

The 7 continents:
• South America
• Asia
• North America
• Antarctica
• Europe
• Africa
• Oceania/Australia

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