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Bring your dog to work

Fujitsu makes allowances for furry companions.

mercredi 26 oct., Il y a 15 mois
 5 min

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Coronavirus has changed working conditions worldwide. Millions of us switched from working in offices to working remotely at home. A Japanese company has a new measure to entice workers back to the office. The technology giant Fujitsu will let some workers bring their pet dog to work. Executives set up an experimental “dog office” at a building near Tokyo.

Members of staff can return to their office and bring their dog with them. It is part of a trial to make workers more comfortable in the workplace. More people may give up working remotely from home. Japan's workforce is well known for working long hours. The pandemic changed this. Many workers now work from home. They think that working remotely is better than their two-hour commute from the suburbs.

They like the idea of spending more quality time with their pet. Fujitsu hopes its experiment will get workers back to the office. One worker said he could “communicate with other people with the help of our dogs”. Reuters says the Fujitsu “dog office” has space for up to six dogs. It also has stain-proof carpets and different pet supplies.

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