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Australian Government on Banning Vapes

The Australian federal government is cracking down on vapes in what's set to be some of the biggest changes to smoking laws in the last decade.

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The Australian government is implementing strict regulations on vapes to address the increasing addiction among young people. Vapes will only be legal with a prescription, sold exclusively in pharmacies, and packaged like pharmaceutical products. Flavors and colors appealing to kids will be banned, and vapes disguised as other objects will no longer be permitted. The government is also prohibiting new vapes from entering the country, banning single-use vapes, and providing support programs for quitting. The aim is to put an end to this issue.


• Shake-up
To cause large changes in something.

• To Skyrocket
To rise extremely quickly or make extremely quick progress towards success.

• Four-fifth

• Convenience Store
A shop that sells food, drinks, etc. and is usually open until late.

• Highlighter
A special pen containing bright ink, used to mark words.

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