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Why It's So Hard to Build a Super App Like WeChat

Why It's So Hard for Meta, PayPal and X to Build a Super App Like WeChat

jeudi 5 oct., Il y a 2 mois
 8 min

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The video discusses the concept of a "super app" like WeChat in China, which combines various functions such as social media, messaging, payments, games, shopping, and more into a single application. In contrast, the United States lacks a similar super app, despite attempts by tech companies. The text explores the challenges of creating such an app in the US, including competition, consumer behavior, integrating payment systems, regulatory concerns, and data privacy issues.

• Coffee : A drink made from roasted coffee beans.

• App : Short for "application," a program or software used on a smartphone or computer.

• Order : To request or purchase something.

• Mobile : Relating to a device that can be easily carried, like a mobile phone.

• Data : Information that can be stored or processed.

• User : Someone who uses a product or service.

• Internet : A global network of computers and information.

• Growth : The process of getting bigger or increasing in size.

• Control : To manage or have power over something.

• Concern : Worry or anxiety about something.

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