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Why Do You Want To Squeeze Cute Things?

Watching a kitten fumbling around, it might feel as if you’ve never encountered anything so devastatingly adorable in your mortal life. You may want to pet its soft fur and kiss its tiny head. But you may also feel the conflicting urge… to squeeze or smush the kitten, maybe even stuff it in your mouth. What is this peculiar phenomenon?

mardi 10 oct., Il y a 2 mois
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The phenomenon of ''cute aggression'' is the focus of the discussion in the video. It delves into the intriguing emotional conflict that arises when individuals encounter something adorable, such as a kitten. This conflict involves a dual response: a strong desire to shower affection and care upon the cute object, juxtaposed with an inexplicable urge to harm or squeeze it. The concept of cuteness is intimately tied to specific attributes, like plump cheeks, large eyes, and short limbs, which collectively form what is known as the "baby schema." These features have the remarkable ability to evoke emotional reactions and activate regions in the brain associated with emotions and rewards.Numerous studies have suggested that exposure to cute imagery can enhance performance in tasks that demand precision and attentiveness. Furthermore, the theory suggests that cuteness may be linked to nurturing instincts and a reduction in aggression, offering insight into why humans are naturally drawn to cute entities. Importantly, it clarifies that cute aggression is not indicative of any intention to harm; rather, it arises as a consequence of emotional overload.


• Devastatingly : Extremely and overwhelmingly.
• Mortal : Pertaining to humans or earthly life.
• Schema : A pattern or model.
• Precise : Exact and accurate.
• Docile : Easily trained or tamed.
• Overload : Excessive or overwhelming.

Source: TED-Ed

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