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Why ChatGPT's Creators Are Calling For New AI Laws

The head of the company that makes ChatGPT has appeared before the US Congress, calling for new laws to help control and regulate the use of artificial intelligence.

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Three AI experts testified before the US Congress, expressing concerns about the risks associated with artificial intelligence. They compared AI to "bulls in a china shop" and emphasized the need for control and regulation. Suggestions included licensing and testing for AI development, establishing a federal agency for oversight, and creating laws for data privacy. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT, called for proactive measures to address potential downsides. The experts agreed that AI is a transformative technology and emphasized the importance of addressing its impact now to prevent negative consequences.


• Prospect
The idea of something that will or might happen in the future.

• Opt Out
To choose not to be part of an activity or to stop being involved in it.

• Tremendous
Very great in amount or level, or extremely good.

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