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Why are friends tracking each other with Apples 'Find My' feature?

Apple’s ''Find My'' app is helpful to track the location of your earbuds and other devices, but nearly 70% of Gen Z and 77% of millennials are using it to track each other’s location, according to a new poll.

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The text discusses how many young people, especially Gen Z and millennials, view constant location sharing as a form of friendship. Apple's Find My feature, originally designed for tracking lost devices, is now widely used to monitor the locations of friends and family. This trend has grown significantly, with 62% of adults using location services, compared to only 7% a decade ago. Find My allows iPhone users to share their location with others, and it has become a common practice among the younger generation.

• constantly (adv.): regularly and without stopping.

• track (v.): follow the movements of something or someone.

• surge (v.): increase suddenly and significantly.

• opt in (phrasal verb): choose to participate or agree to something.

• approach (v.): come closer to a particular place or situation.

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