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Where is it ? Prepositions of place

Prepositions of place are essential, they help us describe where things are.

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Prepositions of Place are used to show the position or location of one thing with another. It answers the question "Where?"

Key Prepositions and Their Uses :

At : Use 'at' for specific points or locations.
- Example:"She is waiting at the bus stop."

• In : This preposition is for enclosed spaces.
- Example:"I left my keys in the room."

• On : Use 'on' for surfaces.
- Example:"The book is on the table."

• Behind / In Front Of: 'Behind' means at the back of something, while 'in front of' is its opposite.
- Example:"The cat is behind the sofa."

• Between : It refers to something in the middle of two objects.
- Example:"The park is between the museum and the library."

• Across From / Opposite : These indicate something in front of something else.
- Example:"The cafe is across from the bank."

• Next to / Beside : Both mean at the side of something.
- Example:"There is a lamp next to the bed."

• Above / Over : They both indicate a higher position than something else.
- Example:"A clock hangs above the doorway."

• Under / Below : Both mean at a lower level.
- Example:"The cat is sleeping under the table."****

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