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Asking And Giving Directions | Not Afraid to Ask

A routine stop to ask for directions.

jeudi 4 mai, Il y a 8 mois
 5 min

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Find the instructions given by the student to the tourists :

Excuse me, do you live here ?
Yes, I do. Can I help you with something ?
We're really lost. We're trying to get to the museum. We think it's that way.
Okay, let me see. (Looks at map) You're upside down. You're way down here, and you want to be up here. You need to head five blocks north.
Right, got it.
Then you want to go to Joey's Pizza and make a right. Keep going straight for three blocks east.
There's a hotdog cart on this corner. You're going to make a left at that hotdog cart, and then you go three blocks past this jazz club, and it's going to be right in front of you guys.
Got it. So it's five, three, and three. Thanks very much.
No problem.

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