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What Is Airplane Mode?

Dig into how airplane mode works, and find out why it’s still important to use the setting when you fly.

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Invisible radio waves are everywhere, carrying information between devices. These waves, like massive radio signals, facilitate communication among computers, phones, and GPS systems. If you could see them, your phone's signal would be visible even from Jupiter.

The electromagnetic spectrum encompasses these waves, with various wavelengths represented as colors. Your phone sends signals to the nearest cell tower, and if you're far away, it uses more power to connect. Cell towers manage calls by assigning specific wavelengths, avoiding interference. However, Wi-Fi and increased demand complicate this. Planes cause interference too, as phones search for signals far above. When many signals occur together, interference arises, especially during emergencies.


• Spectrum
A range of something.

• Preventable
Able to be avoided or stopped.

• Blasting
Sending out forcefully.

• Drown out
Overwhelm or cover with a stronger sound.

• Wavelenght
The distance between two waves of energy.

• To Pick Up
To answer the phone.

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