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Weekend Wednesday: Is It Worth It?

The way the work week works is the worst. Waking up on Monday, you've got five days in a row of work or school. It's too much. Which brings us to a new schedule for new living: Weekend Wednesday!

mercredi 15 juin, Il y a 19 mois
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Weekend Wednesday is when the weekend is switched from Saturday and Sunday to Wednesday and Sunday. People claim that it improves productivity and gives you a sense of relaxation at the middle and end of the week, which many of us desperately need.

Having the weekend on Wednesday is scientifically proven as beneficial. In this video by CGP Grey, who is a former science teacher and current science and technology YouTuber, he states, 'The days off are more relaxing, and the days on, more concentrated.' This statement is true because if you take consistent breaks, your mind and body will more than likely respond well to any task presented to them.

But everybody is different. Your life might be slightly or astronomically different than mine. Weekend Wednesday may be what you need, or it might be just another idea ending up being forgotten or laughed at by you. Right now, enjoy having the traditional weekend, and if the Weekend Wednesday sounds like something you would try, try it when you can choose your classes or if you are self-employed or an employer. Do you think it would work for you?

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