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The 12-Year-Old Scientist Taking On Water Crises

Meet the brilliant young mind behind Tethys, a device that is used to evaluate the safety of drinking water.

lundi 3 avril, Il y a 9 mois
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Gitanjali Rao is a young scientist who invented a device called Tethys that detects lead in water faster than any other current technique. Her goal is to help people affected by lead in places like Flint and all over the world.


• Appalled: shocked and horrified by something unpleasant or wrong.

• Carbon nanotube: a microscopic tube made of carbon atoms, used in electronics and other fields.

• Cartridge: a container holding a spool of film, tape, or other material, or a disposable component of a larger device.

• Device: a piece of equipment or a mechanism designed to serve a specific purpose or perform a particular function.

• Initiative: an action or strategy intended to solve a problem or improve a situation.

Source: Great Big Story

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