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Tesla unveils new AI for humanoid robots called 'Optimus'

Tesla aims to bring humanoid robots into the workplace and, eventually, your home, as Elon Musk debuted the prototype.

lundi 3 oct., Il y a 15 mois
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Meet Optimus, a humanoid robot Elon Musk unveiled at Tesla's AI and Robotics Convention - running on the same hardware that makes up Tesla's autopilot system,

Optimus is fully equipped with advanced human-like qualities. It's capable of doing everything a human brain can; from visual processing, making split second decisions based on multiple sensory inputs, to busting out moves- the Tesla and SpaceX CEO says he hopes Optimus will fundamentally transform civilization.

The robot comes just 4 months after Tesla announced that it is cutting 10 percent of its salaried staff. The company later clarified that its hourly staff are expected to grow, meaning total cutbacks would only be 3.5%.

Elon predicts that this new robotic future will lead to a society in which humans are paid to do nothing. Yet, some are wary of the negative potential and risks assoicated with an autonomous work force.


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