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Talking on the phone

Talking on the phone (Informal)

jeudi 14 oct., Il y a 21 mois
 5 min

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Must-Have phrases for phone calls ! (Informal)

Answering the Phone
• Hello!
• Hi!
• Hey!
• What's up?
• How's it going?

Introducing yourself
• My name is ...!
• It's John speaking!

Asking to speak to someone:
• Is John there?
• Can I talk to John?

Connecting someone
• Let me see if John is available!
• Yes, I'll just get him!

Explaining absence
• He's not in!

Taking a message
• Can I take a message?
• Do you want me to tell him you rang? (UK)
• Do you want me to tell him you called? (US)

Finishing a call
• It was nice talking to you!
• Good-bye!
• Bye!

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