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New Alzheimer's treatment

This could be a breakthrough in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

mercredi 19 juil., Il y a 5 mois
 5 min

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The video highlights the potential breakthrough in Alzheimer's treatment with a drug called Donanemab. Clinical trial results indicate that Donanemab can slow down the cognitive decline caused by the disease by removing the Amyloid protein. The drug, administered through injections, has shown to slow deterioration by up to 60 percent when treatment is initiated in early stages. However, there are significant costs and risks associated with the drug, including brain bleeding and swelling. Stringent MRI screening is recommended alongside the drug to minimize these risks. Moreover, the high cost of the treatment raises concerns, even with federal health insurance coverage. Additionally, the clinical trial mainly focused on white patients, leaving other populations understudied.

Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly plans to seek approval for Donanemab from US health authorities by the end of the year, while submissions to other regulators worldwide are in progress. Another similar drug called Lecanemab has recently been approved, but it faces similar concerns and limitations.


• Clinical Trial
A research study that evaluates the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments or interventions in humans.

• Disease Modifying
A treatment or drug that aims to slow down or alter the progression of a disease.

• Antibody
A protein produced by the immune system to help fight against foreign bodies.

• Swelling
An abnormal enlargement or increase in size.

• Stringent
Extremely severe or limiting and must be obeyed.

• MRI Screening
The use of magnetic resonance imaging to detect and diagnose medical conditions.

• Understudied
Lacking sufficient research or investigation.

• Caveat
A warning to consider something before taking any more action.

• Regulators
Organizations or authorities responsible for overseeing and regulating certain activities, such as drug approvals.

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