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Faire des plans

Making plans over text

Learn how to make plans in English using text messages.

mercredi 27 juil., Il y a 18 mois
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How often do you use your phone to make plans with friends and colleagues?

In this mini-lesson you will learn how to make plans in English including; greetings, organising where to meet, and agreeing on a time.

Before you watch take a look at some of the useful info below.


It is always polite to begin a conversation by asking how a person is.
This can be done formally,'How are you?'
And informally 'What's up?'.

Making requests

We use 'would' when making offers or requests.
'Would you like a glass of water?'
'Would you pass me the dictionary?

'Telling the time

We use 'past' and 'to' when signifying time.
Imagine a clock face, we use 'past' before 30 minutes.
We use 'to' after 30 minutes.

Lets meet at twenty to four.
The time is 15h40
I finish work at twenty past five.
The time is 17h20

We also use fractions to indicate the amount of minutes.
A quarter = 1/4 of 60 = 15 mins
Half = 1/2 of 60 = 30 mins
So, 'Quarter past three in the afternoon' = 15h15
However, 'A quarter to three in the afternoon' = 14h45
We only use 'half past' and never 'half to'.

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