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Faire des plans

Making plans | I’m going to ...

Going to – Making plans.

mercredi 12 janv., Il y a 25 mois
 5 min

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• We use 'going to' to talk about future plans.

- I'm going to be a doctor when I'm older.
- He's not going to play basketball anymore.
- Is she going to buy a new car?

• We use the form: [am/is/are] + [going] + [verb]

- He is going to do his homework tomorrow.
- We're going to watch a movie tonight.

• For the negative form, we use: [am/is/are] + [not] + [going] + [verb]

- I'm not going to buy that book.
- He's not going to drive my car (He isn't going to drive my car).
- They're not going to come with us (They aren't going to come with us).

• For the question form, we change the order of am, is or are and the subject.
We use: [Am/Is/Are] + [subject] + [going] + [verb] + [?]

- Is she going to buy a new car? Yes, she is.
- Are we going to have pizza for dinner? No, we aren't.
- What are you going to do tonight?

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