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Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat Stun at Paris Fashion Week

Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat add a touch of eccentricity to Paris Fashion Week with their stunning style statements.

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The Paris Fashion Week heats up with some sizzling haute couture! Models hit the runway with trendy new designs, while celebrities turn heads with their show-stopping attire in the audience.

• Fashion - "She always kept up with the latest fashion trends.”

• Strapless - "She wore a strapless dress to the formal event.”

• Creative - "He was praised for his creative ideas in the project.”

• Celeb - "The celeb was constantly surrounded by paparazzi.”

• Accessorized - "She accessorized her outfit with a statement necklace.”

• Crystals - "The crystals sparkled in the light.”

• Donned - "She donned a life-sized lion's head for a daring look.”

• Fitted - "She wore a fitted black strapless gown to the show.”

• Gown - "She looked stunning in her elegant red gown.”

• Life-sized - "She wore a life-sized lion's head for the fashion statement.”

• Applied - "3000 hand-applied crystals were used to accessorize Doja Cat's outfit.”

• Mesmerizing - "The final product was a mesmerizing masterpiece.”

• Tribute - "The outfit was a tribute to Doja Cat's hard work and dedication.”

• Dedication - "Her dedication to her craft was evident in the stunning outfit.”

• Wow - "Wow, what a statement look!”

• Feather - "The feather toys added a playful touch to her outfit.”

• Toys - "The bunch of feather toys was a fun addition to her outfit.”

• Vibe - "They wanted to really run with the cat vibe.”

• Outfit - "Her outfit was a great combination of style and comfort.”

• Ashy - "Unfortunately, her legs were ashy white.”

• Bird - "We love a bird moment,” Doja Cat said about her Cavalli outfit

• Mentally - "This is where I am mentally,” Doja Cat said about her Versace outfit.

Source: Access Hollywood

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