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Is Using ChatGPT For School Cheating?

Artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT took educators by surprise and now some schools are reconsidering their bans on AI as teachers and students become more familiar with the technology.

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School officials in New York and Los Angeles are considering the potential benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) in education. While Mountain View High School in Silicon Valley currently lacks formal AI guidance, a teacher named Ms. Hancock has modified her classroom rules to allow students to use AI programs like ChatGPT for specific assignments. She believes that teaching students to use AI as a tool, rather than a shortcut, is essential. Ms. Hancock is also considering changing how she assesses students' knowledge, emphasizing conversation and discussion over written assignments. The logistics of assessing all students through conversations pose a challenge. As a result, students are left to navigate how they implement AI in their education. Ultimately, AI may lead to a reevaluation of the traditional school system.

• Benefits: Advantages or positive outcomes.
• Tweak: Make small adjustments or changes.
• Evaluate: Assess or judge the value or quality of something.
• Implement: Put into practice or use.
• Emphasize: Give special importance or focus to something.
• Navigate: Find one's way or figure out how to do something.

Source: TODAY

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