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Is TikTok The New Google?

More young people are turning to TikTok for the kinds of answers they used to search for on Google.

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When Ashley Storino wants a new pair of black boots or book recommendations, she knows what gets results – and it isn’t Google.

No blue links for this 22-year-old digital marketer. Rather than wade through pages of search results, she opens TikTok instead, quickly scans video after video and checks the comments to make sure she can trust the content. Only when she knows precisely what she’s looking for does she turn to Google first.

“Let’s say I want to find the best mascara. Before, I used to look it up on Google and those results would feature articles and blogs with top 10 lists or top lists. As someone who has worked in marketing and PR (public relations), I know a lot of these lists are often, if not always, influenced by outside parties or brands trying to get products in an article,” Storino said.

“Now I turn to TikTok to get honest reviews from real people. I can look up a brand of mascara or 'best mascara' and there are all of these people who have done reviews and can speak to the product. It’s much more relatable and you know who’s telling you the information. And then you can go into the comments section and see if the same information is reinforced.”


A computer program that finds information on the internet by looking for words that you have typed in.

To (cause something or someone to) move or change from one position or direction to another.

The most important facts and information about something.

Source: USA Today Tech / Wall Street Journal

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