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How to pitch an idea

Scaling New Heights: Hannah Toddle's Journey in the Den

vendredi 24 nov., Il y a 3 semaines
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Entrepreneurs on Dragons' Den present business ideas seeking investment from seasoned investors, the Dragons, in exchange for equity. The pitch involves introducing the idea's uniqueness, market potential, and financial details. The Dragons scrutinize aspects like differentiation, sales figures, and scalability through probing questions. Successful pitches blend confident delivery with a clear business proposition and market understanding. The Dragons' decision to invest hinges on the pitch's quality, the entrepreneur's acumen, and the potential for substantial returns.


• Equity: in this context refers to ownership shares in the company that investors receive in exchange for their investment.

• To scrutinize: To examine or inspect something closely and critically.

• Differentiation: This refers to the strategy of making a product or service distinct and unique compared to others in the market.

• Scalability: the ability of a business to grow and expand its operations efficiently without compromising its performance or quality.

• Probing: Asking in-depth and thorough questions to gain a deeper understanding.

•To hinge: in this context means that the decision or outcome is primarily dependent on certain key factors.

• A pitch: A presentation or proposal in which entrepreneurs showcase their business idea, usually to seek investment or support.

• To blend: combining or integrating different elements effectively.

• Acumen: The ability to make wise judgments or decisions, particularly in business matters.

• Substantial: Significantly large or considerable.

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