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How Solar Energy Got So Cheap

Cheap solar is a policy success story.

vendredi 21 avril, Il y a 8 mois
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Solar energy has come a long way since the first commercial silicon solar cell was purchased by the US in 1953.

In the 1970s, the oil crisis prompted a push for alternative energy, and the US allotted over $8 billion to solar research and development. However, the project was cancelled by President Reagan before it could make a significant impact.

Japan and Germany then stepped in and created a global market for solar technology. Germany's feed-in tariff program, which promised to pay power companies double the market price for renewable energy, made it a no-brainer for developers to build solar projects. As more panels were produced, the cost of generating electricity with solar continued to decrease, making it an unqualified success story.


• Efficient
Working in a way that does not waste a resource.

• Fast forward
Make it play at very high speed so that you get to the end or a later part more quickly.

• Coal
A hard, black substance that is dug from the earth in pieces, and can be burned to produce heat or power.

• Livable
Acceptable or good enough.

• Breakthrough
An important discovery or event that helps to improve a situation.

• Harness
To control something, usually in order to use its power.

• Dwindling
Gradually becoming smaller in size or amount, or fewer in number.

• Know how
Practical knowledge and ability.

• Subsidy
Money given as part of the cost of something, to help or encourage it to happen.

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