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How Long Should Your Naps Be?

Your eyes get heavy and gradually close… But wait! It’s only lunch time and you still have so much to do. Would taking a nap help? Or would it derail your day? Well, that depends on a few things— especially what stages of sleep the nap includes. Sara C. Mednick details the cognitive benefits of napping, and explores the optimal length and time of day for a quick snooze.

mercredi 4 mai, Il y a 21 mois
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Whether you have recently started your napping career or you’re a habitual napper who is ready for some advanced tips, here is a section that will catapult you into the napping big leagues. Get ready for Strategic Napping. Remember, the quality of your nap is dependent on the sleep stages you obtain, and the sleep stages you obtain are dependent on the time of day and duration of your nap. This means that you can be strategic about when and how long you nap to engineer the perfect nap that meets your goals.

Taken from: TEDEd

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