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Gen Z Is Bypassing Google For TikTok As a Search Engine

Is TikTok more relevant than Google for Gen Z?

dimanche 2 avril, Il y a 9 mois
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According to internal data from Google almost 40% of Gen Zers prefer using TikTok instead of Google for their online searches. This is because they find TikTok to be more engaging and quicker than Google. On TikTok, they can easily find short videos on topics that they are interested in, and the app also recommends other relevant videos to them.

Additionally, TikTok's video format is more appealing to Gen Z compared to Google's text-based results. They also seem to find Google's search results less relevant, with the presence of advertisements. TikTok's algorithm is seen to offer more personalised recommendations to users, allowing them to quickly discover content they're interested in.

However, when it comes to important or serious searches, they still rely on Google. For example, when they need to search for COVID or election-related information. In the future, it is expected that more people will use videos to search for things online.

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