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Could AI create thousands of jobs in gaming?

AI Revolution: Gaming's Exciting Future and Job Concern

vendredi 28 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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The emergence of artificial intelligence has brought consternation to people in all manner of industries. The investment bank Goldman Sachs has reported that AI could replace more than 300 million jobs worldwide in the next decade. Hollywood actors went on strike earlier this week, demanding safeguards against AI replacing humans. One sector that could benefit from bots is gaming. Dr Richard Wilson, boss of the UK games association TIGA, said artificial intelligence would, “lead to more games being made and more jobs”. He said: “AI would reduce the cost of making games and speed up the process. Reducing overall development costs means more game studios, and therefore more jobs.”

Gaming has greatly advanced because of AI and was one of the first industries to utilize it. Daniel Wood, co-CEO of the games body UKIE, told the BBC how important AI has been for his trade. He said: “The video games industry is always at the cutting edge of technology, so we are already using AI in many areas, including production, art, interaction with in-game characters, and community management to create even more exciting and engaging experiences for our players.” He added: “The future possibilities of AI promise a lot of exciting opportunities for our sector.” However, sceptics believe that it is only a matter of time before newly-created jobs in gaming will be taken over by the bots.

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