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Can Exercise Actually ''Boost'' Your Metabolism?

Can you "boost" your metabolism by exercising more? Well, it's complicated. But let's take a deep dive into surprising truths about how the body conserves and expends energy in the form of calories.

mardi 31 oct., Il y a 1 mois
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The video explores the relationship between exercise and metabolism. Metabolism is the complex set of chemical reactions that occur in every cell of our body to harness energy for survival. While exercise is often associated with boosting metabolism, it only contributes a small percentage to our daily calorie burn. Most of our energy expenditure is determined by our basal metabolic rate, which is essential for bodily functions. The video dispels the misconception that thinner people have faster metabolisms and larger people have slower metabolisms. In reality, metabolism is primarily influenced by genetics, body size, and age. The article mentions that the Hadza people in Tanzania, who live a traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle, burn a similar amount of calories as the average American adult when adjusted for body size and age. The video concludes that our metabolic system is designed to manage energy, not weight, and advises against believing in claims that promise to boost metabolism for weight loss.

• Metabolism: The set of chemical reactions in the body that convert food into energy.
• Basal metabolic rate: The minimum amount of energy required for essential bodily functions at rest.

Source : Ted

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