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Brave Woman Rescues Puppies

Callie Clemens saved puppies after a storm.

mercredi 2 ao�t, Il y a 5 mois
 5 min

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Callie Clemens, an animal lover, went to great lengths to rescue a litter of abandoned puppies stuck in storm drains during blistering hot weather in Houston. Her adrenaline pushed her to act fast without much thought. She searched for over 20 hours, finally finding two puppies by spotting their reflective eyes and hearing their splashes. The rescue efforts took a toll on her health, resulting in infections and injuries.


• Storm Drain
Channel or pipe that carry rainwater away from streets and buildings.

• To Crawl
To move along on hands and knees or with your body stretched out along a surface.

• Roach
Short form of cockroach.

• Blistering
Extremely hot.

• Network
A large system consisting of many similar parts that are connected together.

• At a Toll / take a toll
To cause harm or suffering.

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