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Beaming Solar Energy from Space

There is a climate crisis, so we must change how we get our power. We need to stop using fossil fuels, like oil and gas.

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The European Space Agency (ESA) has started a three-year project to test huge solar farms in space. The ESA hopes to send energy wirelessly from space into millions of people's homes.

An ESA spokesperson said one solar-farm satellite could make the same amount of electricity as a power station. She added that the ESA's aim is to have many of these giant satellites in orbit. They could cut our use of fossil fuels and end energy shortages.The ESA project is called Solaris.

The ESA wants Solaris to create "a clean and secure energy future". The agency told the BBC that solar power from space could be of "enormous" help. It said:"We need to convert into carbon-neutral economies, and therefore change the way we produce energy. We especially need to reduce fossil fuels." It added:"If you can do it from space…this would be absolutely fantastic. It would solve a lot of problems." The satellites will be around 1.7 km long. This is bigger than the International Space Station, which is 110 m in length.

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