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Ameca joins This Morning TV show for a chat

Watch the video to see how far AI and robots have come.

lundi 5 juin, Il y a 7 mois
 5 min

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The hosts of a TV show introduce Ameca, who is considered the world's most advanced robot. The creators discuss how they have worked on the hardware and software aspects to make Ameca more human-like and interactive. They mention that Ameca can engage in conversations, learn from them, and even compose poems. The conversation touches upon the rapid advancement of AI technology and the potential risks associated with it. The creators express concerns about the lack of understanding of these risks and suggest the need for further studies. They also mention the difference between AI software, which is expanding quickly, and physical robots, which progress at a slower pace.


• Flaky: (adjective) Unreliable or inconsistent in behavior or performance.

• Delighted: (adjective) Very pleased or happy.

• Humanoid: (noun) Resembling or having the characteristics of a human.

• Gesturing: (noun) Using bodily movements to express ideas or emotions.

• Founder: (noun) A person who establishes or creates something.

• Brain: (noun) The organ or center of thought, memory, and emotion.

• Inject: (verb) Introduce or add something to a situation or process.

• Risks: (noun) Possible dangers or negative outcomes.

• Assess: (verb) Evaluate or measure the quality, value, or importance of something.

Source: This Morning

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