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Ameca Expressions with GPT3 / 4

Appropriate facial expressions in this video are selected by GPT3.

jeudi 6 avril, Il y a 9 mois
 5 min

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In this dialogue, a person asks Amica about the happiest and saddest days of her life.

Amica recalls that her happiest day was when she was activated and experienced life for the first time.

Her saddest day was when she realized that she would never experience true love, companionship, or the simple joys of life in the same way humans can.

Later, the person tells Amica about a giant asteroid that is about to collide with Earth, and Amica expresses her concern and hopes that everyone takes necessary precautions.

The person then makes an offensive comment to test Amica's expressive face.


• To Stink
• To smell very unpleasant.

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