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A day in the life of a farmer

Read about a day in the life of Jim, a Scottish farmer who lives with his wife and three children.

samedi 13 ao�t, Il y a 17 mois
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My name's Jim, my wife and I own a small farm located 20km from Inverness, in Scotland.
Our farm is small but it's big enough for us.

I wake up very early in the morning to feed the chickens and the goats with my youngest son, James.
James loves feeding the animals.
The chickens give us eggs and eat our scraps.
The goats eat the grass and give us milk to make cheese.
We have 6 goats and 20 chickens.
After feeding the animals, we have breakfast all together.
My wife is a nurse and works in Inverness, she drives the children to school and then goes to work.

There's always something to do around the farm or the house.
Most of my work is organised depending on the season.

My different tasks are:
- Taking care of the vegetable garden : we grow potatoes, carrots, onions, cauliflower, leeks, green beans, butternut squash and beetroot.
- Taking care of the animals' health
- Maintaining the farm grounds

I also do most of my own repairs so if there's anything that needs to be fixed in the house, I take care of that too.

My wife and children get home around 4pm.
We have an early dinner at 5:30pm and I usually carry on working for a few hours.
My wife and children also help me with different tasks around the farm.

At the weekend, we play games, music and practise sport: we have a ping-pong table, a trapeze, a trampoline, drums and a piano.
We also make jam, soup and jars of different farm products.
We keep some and sell some.
People come to our farm and buy our products.

My family and I have fun working on the farm together, we enjoy our life.
My job is tiring and life on the farm is not always easy but I'm very passionate about what I do.

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