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Airline - Reservations

How to make a flight reservation?

jeudi 18 nov. Il y a 15 mois
Airline - Reservations
5 min


Useful vocabulary:

Direct flight/non-stop flight = In a direct flight, you do not change planes and you have only one flight number.

Layover = a period of rest or waiting before a further stage in a journey.

Outbound/inbound flight = the outbound flight is the flight to the destination and the inbound flight is the flight back to the origin city.

Return flight = the flight back to where you live.

One-way ticket = A one-way ticket for a journey can only be used to travel in one direction and not for returning.

Red-eye flight = a flight that departs late at night and arrives early in the morning. It's called a red-eye flight because you are often tired and have red eyes when you land.

Jet lag = feeling tired because of the effects of taking a long plane journey through different time zones.

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