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X (ex Twitter) Will Start Charging All Users

Musk says that using X will require a "small monthly payment"

dimanche 24 sept., Il y a 3 mois
 6 min

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Elon Musk is considering introducing a monthly payment for using Twitter (referred now to as X). This move aims to combat bots and increase revenue for the platform. Musk has a history of discussing this idea and is concerned about the bot issue . While it may deter some bots, determined spammers could still get past the paywall. Users are unhappy about potentially paying for a previously free service, but Twitter alternatives haven't significantly impacted its user base. The cost of the monthly payment will be a crucial factor in user adoption.

• Company (noun): A business organization.
• Monthly (adjective): Happening every month.
• Happening (noun): An event or occurrence.
• Deal (noun): An agreement or arrangement.
• Details (noun): Specific information or facts.
• Issue (noun): A subject or problem.
• Revenue (noun): Money earned by a company.
• User (noun): A person who uses a service or product.
• Pay (verb): To give money in exchange for something.
• Free (adjective): Without cost or payment.
• Alternatives (noun): Other options or choices.

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