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Why some people are always late

Every friendship group has at least one person who is known as being 'the late one', that person may even be you. But why do some people struggle so much with their punctuality?

lundi 28 f�vr., Il y a 23 mois
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Grace Pacie, author of Late!- A Timebender's Guide to Why We Are Late and How We Can Change describes those of us who are habitually late as 'timebenders', who struggle with punctuality but who are also capable of being very productive under tight time constraints.

This might be hard wired into aspects of our personality, but according to David Robson, author of The Expectation Effect, we shouldn't let that make us believe there is nothing we can do about this, as our personality traits may be more malleable than we realise.

Video by Dan John (BBC)

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