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Why Gen Z workers are starting on the back foot

Having only known virtual work settings, some young employees lack exposure to the workplace norms that set them up to succeed.

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Remote and hybrid work arrangements are changing the way people work, but younger workers may be missing out on learning important workplace norms. Traditionally, younger workers learn from their colleagues in an office setting, but in a virtual environment, these opportunities are lost.

This can lead to anxiety and stress among younger workers, who may focus more on making a good impression than doing their job well. Experts worry that younger workers might struggle to acquire cross-functional skills necessary for leadership roles if they don't learn and develop in a virtual environment.

To support younger workers, organisations can provide training, mentorship programmes, or opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues. By doing so, organisations can help set up younger workers for success in the present and future.

Vocabulary :

• Remote work: the practice of an employee working at their home, or in some other place that is not an organization's usual place of business.

• Cross-functional skills: a working knowledge of all areas of the business.

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