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Why Donald Trump Has Been Indicted Again

Former US president Donald Trump says he's been indicted for an alleged federal crime.

lundi 12 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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Former U.S. President Donald Trump has been indicted again. He announced it on his social media platform, Truth Social. An indictment means formally accusing or charging someone with a crime. The specific charges against Trump are not yet known, but he mentioned that they are related to boxes of documents found on his Florida estate almost a year ago. The FBI searched his property for classified documents, and they discovered around 13,000 documents, with approximately 100 of them marked as classified or top secret.

Keeping classified documents at an unauthorized location is against U.S. law for federal officials, including the president. Trump claims his innocence, and his lawyers state that all classified records were returned when he left the White House. He is scheduled to appear in court in Miami on Tuesday, where more details may emerge.


• Indicted
Formally accused or charged with a crime.

• Charge
Formal accusation of a crime.

• Lawyer
Professional who provides legal advice and represents clients in legal matters.

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