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What Makes Employees Happy at Work?

Creating Happy Employees: Trust, Fairness, and Listening

vendredi 7 avril, Il y a 8 mois
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Only 40% of the three billion working people in the world are happy at work, leaving almost two billion people unhappy. Organizations with happy employees experience three times the revenue growth, outperform the stock market, and have lower employee turnover rates. The speaker then shares three ideas for creating happy employees: trust and respect, fairness, and listening.

Employees need to feel trusted by their leaders and empowered to make decisions. Fairness is crucial, and employees want to be treated equally, regardless of their rank, tenure, or experience. Lastly, listening involves being humble and searching for the best idea possible, and employees want to feel heard and that their ideas matter.

The speaker emphasizes that how people behave, treat others, respond, and support define the work experience for everyone around them, and changing for a purpose is a reason to change, while finding a different place to work is an option if one is not motivated by a purpose.

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