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What do young people think about the news?

A recent study during Media Literacy Week revealed that young Australians obtain news from a variety of sources, with family and teachers being the most trusted, while also highlighting the need for age-appropriate news programs and concerns about the emotional impact of news consumption on young individuals.

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This week is Media Literacy Week, and a new study explores the news habits of young people in Australia. The study surveyed over a thousand children, discovering that young Australians obtain news from various sources, including family, YouTube, and teachers. Family and teachers are the most trusted news sources for children aged 8 to 12. While many kids feel that following the news is important, it can also make them sad and upset due to the negativity they encounter. The study also reveals that many young people fail to check news from multiple sources to verify accuracy, and they struggle to find news related to their age group. They express a desire for news programs made for them, like BTN (Behind the News).


• Habit: A regular practice or behavior.

• Find out: Discover or learn information.

• Study (noun): An organized examination or investigation.

• Insight: A deep understanding.

• Surveyed: Examined.

• Thousand: 1,000

• Knowlegdeable: being well-informed.

• Half: 50%.

• Assess: Evaluate or judge.

• Inaccurate: Not correct or true; containing errors.

• Struggle (verb): Face difficulties or challenges.

• Break down: simplify.

• Stuff (noun): Informal term for things.

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